Praise for “From Here”

“This is a remarkable woman’s brave journey through 9-11, the death of her husband in the Twin Towers, her grief, and her moving forward into her life’s next chapter with grace and grit. It is difficult to find words to describe the feelings this book brings forth; here are just a few: Inspirational. Courageous. Heartrending. Resilient. Poignant. Emotional. Real. Beautifully written. I could not put the book down; I was sad to reach the end. I wanted to keep following the author through her dance of life. Felice Zaslow is clearly an inside-out woman and writer. Her words are a blazing light for the human spirit. An important read.”
– Megha Nancy Buttenheim, CJO (Chief JOY Officer) and Founding Director: Let Your Yoga Dance® LLC

“Throughout this poignant work of grief and resilience, Zaslow offers us touchstones of wisdom to help any of us navigate the churning waters of loss. None perhaps is more powerful than the invitation from Emerson to go, not where a path may obviously lead, but rather to where there is no evident path, and instead create a new trail. This, in essence, is the journey of moving forward through loss and its consequent shaking of all that had been true. We are summoned to devise our own way into new understandings, new perspectives on who we are and who we might be, and novel meanings. Zaslow, in her direct, honest, warm and caring manner, describes not only the path she began to blaze after the sudden loss of her husband the day the towers in NYC fell, but illustrates for any of us the possibility that we might be able to do the same.”
– Maria Sirois, PsyD, author of A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (and Other Dark, Difficult Times)